A New Educational ‘EcoSystem’


Folks, While eyes are drawn to those head and shoulders above the rest, bound for glory, more often than not it is somebody unknown, somebody underestimated who see things before others do, who creates transformational change. Working in plain sight and at the edge, these innovators go unnoticed, nested perhaps in our personal blind spots. […]

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Lasting Learning


Hello Folks, What learning is needed to be productive in the coming century and which methods best assess these requisite knowledge sets, skills, and beliefs? Through trial and error, efforts continue to capture and connect the broad discussions taking place about the larger learning outcomes with clear ways to know with confidence that lasting learning […]

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Grading and Assessment


Folks, Grading and assessment have historically served different functions when reviewing student performance. Course grades provide individualized evaluation of student achievement and often include criteria beyond measuring the mastery of specific knowledge, skills, and beliefs. Assessment, on the other hand, examines aggregated trends of student learning across courses, programs, and general education to guide improvement […]

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The Value of Higher Education


Hey Folks, What is the worth of an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, and beyond? What is a student’s return on investment? Questions like these—once considered tertiary to the role of higher education (and in some circles perhaps even a little crass)—are becoming increasingly more relevant to students and policymakers. We reported in May about […]

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